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What is HTML code generator?

HTML code generator is considered as an important tool for many beginners, especially to those who don’t know anything about web designing. It is a great help if you want to create a web page. However, you should know that the generator has its uses and limitations. Let’s take a look at them. The uses [...]

HTML code generator aside from aiding the web owner in creating their sites has many uses. If you want to create HTML codes for some forum posts, you are free to use the code generator. You can also use it in creating html table generator, iframe generator, html sitemap generator and html text generator you can also make link anchor tags and font tags with the use of HTML code generator without consuming too much of your time. Some web owners use it in creating the entire page of their web while others use it in generating individual tags to be inserted in their pages. With code generator, no need to code everything from scratch.

The limitations of HTML code generator

HTML code generator has many functions but they do have limitations too. Basically, it is used to help the beginners in creating their page. However, it cannot tie your web pages for navigating purposes. The HTML code generator can’t help you with this task. You have to create your own navigation menu or add links to your pages in order for your visitors to navigate your site. Though, some generators provide a module for adding page links, still most of the code generators don’t.


HTML code generator can only assist the beginners but if you want to create a website full of links and complicated navigations, definitely the generator can’t do it for you. Thus, what you need is a professional web designer.